Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oprah Loves Heritage Makers!

One of our consultants heard about the passing of Oprah's little dog Gracie and decided to show Oprah the power of story by making a book for her about Gracie. You can read the complete story here.

Why not get started preserving your stories. Contact me today! solpro2000@yahoo.com

Saturday, September 27, 2008

From the Heritage Makers Reunion going on right now in Anaheim, CA Guest Speaker: Joey O'Conner, Executive Director of The Grove Media and Arts Center

His family recently was able to go on a trip to Africa where they were very involved in humanitarian efforts. His eyes welled up with tears and his voice cracked - "This book captures my story. I know now that it this is now part of our story and there is no unfinished business - the story is written of our family's experience there."

"Capture the past with stories in the present to make sure there is no unfinished business in the future."

There is an URGENCY to what you are doing.

When you are writing a story, when you start page one, you are making a promise that it will be well told."

"If there are no stories - there is no heritage."

"I got to be the Storyteller AND the publisher!"

"I used it! It works!"

"You are poised at a perfect moment to capture stories of grandparents and the legacy they leave to their kids for the next generations."


"Should I be here? Is it worth it?"

These questions are normal and natural.

The answer...


Doubts are part of the process. It's important to remember that anything good thing is difficult.

Every person you talk to has a story to tell. Publishers usually decide which stories get to be published - you are turning that upside down! Everyone has a story to tell that can be published!

It's not about the product. It's not about the business. It's about the STORIES!

"When you have a mission, you can no longer go back to your day job!"

Join me today and become the Heritage Maker for your community!


Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have added a new dimension to my Heritage Makers Storybooking. It's called StoryKeeping. I have become a Certified Professional StoryKeeper. "What's that", you ask? I help people make an audio recording of their life stories and I then transfer these stories onto CDs. Then I set the family up online in our Treasury of Family Heritage Vault where they can share the stories with family and friends in their own voice. In this day and age of families being spread all over the world, this is a way of reconnecting. It's a way of preserving our values for future generations.

Everyone has stories to tell. They may seem insignificant to an individual, but I think they are what make us who we are. If you are interested in becoming a StoryKeeper and helping in this worldwide effort to preserve heritage, go to my site at StoryKeeping. This would make a complete package with my Books of a Lifetime way of publishing your stories.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for this great undertaking, it is free to join until Sept. 30, 2008. Please contact me. We are dedicated to preserving family values, traditions and wisdom for future generations.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September News

Dear Friend,

There have been quite a few mornings recently, when I walked out of my house, that I could have sworn I smelled fall in the air! As that time approaches, we tend to start organizing the rest of our year - as Christmas is around the corner. We have exciting specials right now, that allow you to purchase in quantity and save while you make your Christmas cards and gifts. Remember, the packages come with free month(s) of the Premier Art subscriptions and your credits last for an entire year - just incase you want to leave some projects for later. Click below for our package deals, workshops, and more!


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Begin Your Family's Library
As a Heritage Maker, I think that it is important for every family to begin their library with four basic books - a book about each set of grandparents, one of the parents' lives and love story, one that explains the character, hobbies, beliefs, and traditions of the family (What is means to be a Jones?), and one for each individual child about their life. What a wonderful gift you will be passing down to the next generation of the family! Don't stop the fun books, the sports books, the vacation books, the holiday books, but do begin to work on these "treasure books" for your family. I have listed four outlines below to help you interview or think about some of the important information that should be included in your books.

Child's Story Outline
Family Values Outline

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Happy Storybooking!
Ruth Solberg